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PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update: release date, pre-register, download size, news, features

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PUBG Mobile is about to release the PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update. Find all PUBG Mobile New Update, PUBG Mobile New Season related information, news, updates, leaks here.

PUBG Mobile has already given several updates on PUBG Mobile Global 1.5 update details. In the meantime, PUBG Mobile shared that they have passed 150 million pre-registered users count for PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update.

As per the post, pre-registered users will get one FREE permanent outfit as soon as the new update drops in the game.

How to pre-register for the PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition update?

  1. Launch latest verion of PUBG Mobile game in your device.
  2. Go to the on over to the “Events” section.
  3. Find the “PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION” option under the “Recommended” tab.
  4. Tab on the option and then tap on “Pre-register now”.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update date and time

PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will release on July 8, 2021, whereas Season 20 Royale Pass is expected to begin on July 13.

Here are quick time slots when the update will be available for several devices:

  • App Store by July 8, 03:00 UTC
  • Galaxy Store by July 8, 06:00 UTC
  • Amazon Appstore by July 8, 08:00 UTC
  • Google Play by July 8, 15:30 UTC

The update might not be available for everyone at the exact time, as it takes time to roll out slowly for everyone. But by the end of July 8, almost everyone will get it in their respective app stores.

Also, Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG will get the update around the same time.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Download size

As we have seen for past updates, this time PUBG Mobile 1.5 Ignition Update size will be around 600-800MB for android devices and up to 1.6GB for iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Rewards

To get PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Rewards, prizes you need to pre-register before 5 July 2021. After that pre-register option will not be available.

Sources are saying this free reward comes in the form of the Galaxy Messenger outfit set. It was one of the most popular entries in the 2020 Global Outfit Design contest, and it is completely free.

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