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Areas, Ascension Supplies, Kokomi, Aloy Ranges & extra

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Locations, Ascension Materials, Kokomi, Aloy Levels & more

Specters, a brand new sort of enemy that inhabits the Inazuma Area, have been lately launched in Genshin Impact 2.1.

This is the place you could find Specters in Genshin Impression, what they provide, and why you must farm them!

What are Specters?

Specters are floating elemental creatures that come from excessive elemental concentrations.

There are three varieties of Specters in Genshin Impression, comparable to their elemental composition:

  • Hydro Specter, spins and collect Hydro power that launch in a AOE Burst, in a rippling water space.
  • Anemo Specter, collects Anemo power and releases it in a single burst with a small AoE.
  • The Geo Specter, begins spinning and charging ahead to gamers’ characters.
  • All Specters have a ultimate assault the place they acquire power and explode.

The Specters have been launched on the final flooring of the Spiral Abyss, and they’ll play an vital function in present and future content material.

As soon as they’re defeated they drop ascension supplies: Spectral Husk, Spectral Coronary heart, and Spectral Nucleus.

Specters Areas

Specters within the Wild may be positioned completely within the two new Inazuma areas launched in Genshin Impact 2.1.

Specters Spawning in Serai Island

Credit score: Genshin Impression Interactive Map
Specters are discovered on our bodies of water and the shores of Inazuma

Specters spawning in Watatsumi Island

Credit score: Genshin Impression Interactive Map
The land of Kokomi can also be a spot full of Specters.

There are a complete of 111 Specters they usually respawn each 24 hours. It’s a good suggestion to herald your get together Bow customers or Catalysts, as Specters can fly to locations the place melee heroes cannot attain.

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Specters Supplies

Specters drop ascension supplies in response to their degree. Nonetheless, the ingredient of the creature doesn’t have an effect on the drops. All varieties of Specters will drop the identical.

  • Spectral Husk – Specters of Lvl 1 – Lvl 39
  • Spectral Coronary heart – Specters of Lvl 40 – Lvl 59
  • Spectral Nucleus – Specters of Lvl 60 or increased

You possibly can craft Spectral Husk and Spectral Coronary heart for the next degree of this materials with Alchemy.

What’s Specter Ascension materials wanted for

Within the present state of the sport, Specter ascension supplies are used to degree up characters, skills, and weapons.

This consists of:

  • Characters Ranges for Kokomi and Aloy (Horizons Zero Daybreak crossover)
  • Expertise Supplies for Kokomi an Aloy
  • Weapons: The Catch (Polearm), Eternal Moonglow (Catalyst)

Farming for Specters is among the hardest present grinds in Genshin Impact, as you want lots of of them – and their flight limits get together choices. Due to these limitations, we advocate eliminating these flying creatures each time you run into them.

As of but, we do not know which different weapons or characters may want them in Genshin Impact 2.2 and future upgrades – however extra might be coming!

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